Welcome to the 21st Century of Mobile World!

  • Nobody leaves home without their phone
  • The average person look at their phone every 7 minutes
  • The average person read text within 4 minutes 98% of the time!
  • Texting is the single most effective way to communicate with your customer today
  • The Couple that with mobile¬†coupons from their phone are redeemed 15-30%
  • The average person refreshes their Facebook feed 23x a day
  • Website is the first impression of your company
  • With 82% of consumers searching the web before they make a purchase
  • Google just became your new business card.¬†. .
Promotional works utilizes team of seasoned professionals to work with clients to maximize effective solutions to drive customer traffic to their website and social media.. Let the cyber world to be the face your business! We can show you the best ways to grow your brand with text messages, social media interaction and websites. We offered the following services:
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Designs
  • Text (SMS) Marketing
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